Holo Everybody This Post Is Dedicated To All My Girls Out there

Sorry I haven’t Written In a While

Today Is Going To Be A littlw bit different to what I usually Write

I am Feeling Like Us Girls Need A confidence Boost

Wit Social Media And Youtube Consuming Our Lives Some Of You Might Feel A Little Negative About Yourselves

Well I Just Wanted To Say That’s Completely Ok


Now Here Is A little Bit Of Positive Re – Inforcement


Girls Close Your Eyes

Doesn’t Matter Where You Are In The World

Just Close Them For A Minute

Now Breathe And Count To 60

Was That Nice

Now Take Off Your Shoes

And Go Outside

Sink Your Feet Into The Nice Soft Grass

And Breathe And Count To 60 Again

Now Read This Poem And Say It Out loud To Yourself


You Are Strong

You Are Powerful

You Are Amazing

You Are Geourgeous

You Are Beautiful

You Are Amazing Just The Way You Are

You Are Capable Of MANY Things If You Put Your Mind To It



Now Say To Yourself

#Girl Power









One thought on “GIRL POWER

  1. Hi Rosie,

    I would love to do Weekly Comments. It’d be fun and we could talk a lot. And I would love to hear about your life and what’s going on.


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