Hey eveyone welcome to another Dazzling DIY post

Today We will be learning to make… DIY BATH BOMBS

Lets get started

For this you will need

1 Cup of Baking Soda

1/2 (One And A Half) Cup of Citric Acid 

1/2 (One and a Half) Cup of Epsom Salts

1tsp. of Water

2tsp.of Essential Oil

3tsp.of Olive Oil 

Food Colouring (Any Colour You Want, You Can Even Mix Colours To Make The Colour(s) You Want) 



Bath Bomb Mold


 Step 1:Place The DRY INGREDIENTS In a Bowl And Then Mix Them All EVENLY With The Whisk

Step 2: In a Separate Container/Jar, Mix The Liquid Ingredients Together.

Note That In This Step, The Essential Oils, Fragrances And Colours Are Added. This Is An Important Step! Make Sure To Pick Out Lots Of Fragrance Oils To Try Out Here, As You Can Make Many Fabulous Combinations For Bath Time. Lavender Bath Bombs For Relaxation And Sleep, Perhaps Tinted Purple. Yang Yang And Bergamot For A Sensual Bath Bomb, Perhaps Even Add Some Rose.Tint This One Pink.Just Some Thoughts.

step 3: Slowly Add The Liquid Mixture To The Dry Mix. One Small Spoon At A Time.

Step 4: When Well Mixed, You Simply Pack This Mixture Into A Bath Bomb Mold And Pack Tightly, Then Let It Dry. Work Quickly So As Not To Let The Bath Bomb Mixture Dry Out  


And that’s just the start of it 

Go To This Website and Search Bath Bombs For More





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